Lay Leaders and Team Chairs

Sandra Toala

Secretary/Administrative Assistant
The church secretary/Admin is the glue that keeps all parts of the church running together.  Keeping the calendar, handling all calls, worship bulletins and zoom slides etc. etc. etc.

Joe Johns

Lay Leader
The Lay Leader is a person of faith and integrity, serving as a primary advocate for and representative of the laity in the congregation and advocate for the need of the community..

Tom Pesikey

Chair Mission Team
The work of Missions chair is to reach out and receive people into the body of Christ,  help people relate to Christ through their unique gifts and to nurture and strengthen people in their relationship with God and with others.

Julie Piatt

Chair Evangelism Team
The aim of the ministry of evangelism is to relate people to God so that they will begin a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Ed King

Administrative Board/Council Chair
The council is the executive agency of the charge conference.  It is the group of leaders that guide and furthers the ministry of the congregation.

Beth Panariello

President United Methodist women in Faith
Presides Over the three Methodist Women Circles.  They hold various activites that support various charities within and outside the church.


President United Methodist Men
Presides over the men's group.  They hold various activities that support their missions: such as Sunday Breakfast Mission.

Joe Johns

Church Historian
Keeps the church records.  All the reports from all the chairs and conferences.

June Pesikey and Susan Hall

Co-Chairs Altar Guild
An altar guild of lay volunteers is responsible for the care and changing of the paraments, the linens and cloth hangings used on communion tables, altars, pulpits and lecterns . 

Karen Anker

Chair Finance Team
The committee on finance shall give stewardship of financial resources as their priority throughout the year and find creative ways to turn their congregations into tithing congregations with an attitude of generosity.

Hope Schock

Chair Worship Leaders
Signing up and training lay leaders to become worship leaders to lead the congregation in Sunday Worship

Susan Hall

Chair Trustees
Trustees are in charge of overseeing, maintaining and supervising all local church property and to report annually to the charge conference on the state of such property.


Chair Safe Sanctuaries Team
Safe Sanctuaries is an overt expression in making congregations safe places where children, youth, and elders may experience the abiding love of God and fellowship within the community of faith. 

Steve Freebery

Chair Tech Ministry Team
Connecting to your congregation via technology.  Live streaming weekly services, Bible Studies and other church meeting.  Opening up your church to your congregation, community and the world.

Karen Lester

Chair Membership 
An effective membership secretary will keep accurate membership records, will help the congregation know its current reality, and will build a plan for growth in professions of faith, baptisms, members, and discipleship. 

Lynne Barnett

Chair Pastor-Parish Church
Staff Parish Relations purpose is to build strong relationships between Staff and the congregation and between the congregation and the district Superintendent.

Debbie Maguire

Traditional Music Director
Prepares the music and rehearsals for the Chancel Choir

Frank Julian

Contemporary Music Director
Prepares the music program and rehearsals for the Contemporay Praise Team

Ellen Scheib

Youth Ministries Coordinator
Plans programs for Children's Sunday School, youth groups and youth sponsored activities.

Rev. Robert Warner

Native American Ministries Representative
Attends conferences and reports to church